This is the World Wide Wind Radio Station

Photo: Christoph Oeschger, Performer (from left to right): Florian Dombois, Jiaxi Han, Hannah Walter, behind the scene Njomza Dragusha and Robert Torche

We are happy to announce that we host a wonderful sound experience of the Master in Transdisciplinary Studies.

On the 27.03 from 10:30 to 12:30am they will stream live sounds from both cities and mixing them on WorldWideWind:

From intimate kitchen sounds in Zurich to loud public transports in Hong Kong, we will explore the slow field of the in-between, where two soundscapes in two different time slots, are meeting. In this hybrid form, you will be able to listen to a unique live mix of both locations and listen to the sonic similarities or differences.

In order to collaborate with each other, we have set up a soundmap from both cities, where you can also listen to some recordings made by the participants. This first asynchronic exchange was allowing us to discover the sonic identity of the cities and explore the sounds we want to stream or not.

You can explore the soundmap here :

Participants (ZH)
Fionna Brunner
Njomza Dragusha
Koko Michael Eberli
Tim Wettstein
Dino Radoncic
Alissa Estivariz
Chih Ying Lin
Marie Nest
Bettina Weder Schneide
Valerie Xianqi Dai

Participants (HK)
Xiao JiaHui, Nancy
Ho Wing Ka, Katy
Cho Sum Yuet Shera
Chiu Pit Ho, Patrick
Liang Dengyun, Max
Lam Shan, Lynna
Wang Jie Elaine
Edward Sanderson 
Team (ZH/HK)
Patrick Müller
Mélia Roger
Cedric Maridet


this site is still under construction. there will be more soon…

The World Wide Wind Radio Station is part of the Triple Instrument and will have a lot more soon.

Triple Instrument im Verkehrshaus Schweiz

15. Oktober 2020 – Hans Erni Museum im Verkehrshaus der Schweiz
Florian Dombois and Fabian Gutscher

Photo: Michael Günzburger, Sound Kites, Boot, Sound Performance


18:00 MEZ 18. July 2020 – World Listening Day with Njomza Dragusha, Mélia Roger, Florian Dombois and Fabian Gutscher

Photo: Fabian Gutscher, Experiment on World Listening Day with Njomza Dragusha und Melia Roger

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